Tired? And that’s going to stop you?

New Balance Real Run 2006 (5.5K)
Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (21.1K)

National Vertical Marathon 2007
Adventure Trail Challenge
Mizuno Mount Faber Run (10.5K)
Real Run Club Terrain Race (8.5K)
Mizuni Wave Run (10K)
Saucony Passion Run (10K)
One Life Experience Run (4.5K)
Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (21.1K – 2:05)

SGRunners.com Banana Relay (Relay, 6K)
World Harmony Run 2008 (21K)
NUS Biathlon 2008 (750m swim, 5k run)
National Vertical Marathon 2008
New Balance Real Run 2008 (15K)
Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (21.1K – 2:00:39)


Too lazy to chart this, edit after I ord!

Races to do before my run on the planet is over
Boston Marathon (42.2K)
Comrades Marathon, South Africa (56miles/90K)
Badwater Ultramarathon, California (135miles/215K)
Ironman (3.8K swim, 180K bike, 42.2K run)

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