How can anyone be so hot? It doesn’t seem to make any sense. Anyway I know for a fact Korean girls aren’t so hot in real life. (those legs….)

I’ve been to Kangaroo Land and back, and following that the Land of Kimchi and back. With serving the country, I think I can say my time’s almost up with the worst already over. (I swear not to touch any camo cream for some time now) I’m probably spending whatever time I have left back as SAFTI ( Home Sweet Home) for deployment and CTC/AIOC.

I’m also sitting out from SCM this year, cause foot-rot is killing me. And I refuse to do a 6-7hr marathon. It just doesn’t make any sense.

I’ve signed up for Safra’s adventure race next year in Jan, and looking for the equip is honestly a pain in the ass. Why can’t they just provide the option of providing us with everything? Or why can’t I just be rich enough to buy a set of everything for myself?

But I’m quite looking forward to the race. Heh.

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