greetings from Australia!

right now i’m in a tentage somewhere 3 hrs by wheels from rochamphaton, , in this hell hole they call Polygon. no proper sewage, not proper bunks, no nothing. ive been here for 3 days alr. the days are as hot as hell and the nights are as cold as hell as well. the sand here comes free and blows all over the place when the cold wind blows. to demostrate this, i was covered all over in sand after a 2 hr tonner ride. i would have made the sand man dude from Spiderman movie look like a fool. the terrain is messed up as well, open but full of obstacles.

overall life is good. as least i still can access the internet. nevermind that i have to walk 500m to the terminals, which are as slow as snails and the monitor resolutions are fucked up. i can’t even see what i’m typing right now, so forgive me if the spelling is fucked.

but i have internet! so life is good.

good bye.

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