all that avails is flight

it’s already sat night and my flight for Australia leaves early mon morning. how did the week just fly by so fast?!!

anyway, i’ve re-done the blog a bit to clean it up. and in the process of doing so i accidentally deleted the widget that holds the links to other people and i simply cannot be bothered to go re-do the whole damn thing again. hence the lack of links on the right. pls leave behind your web link so i can do some shite to make it right.

anyway, the legendary KING OF POP apparently has this movie for him (even as he’s dead) called THIS IS IT. and given the hype about MJ and the fact that he’s the fucking KING OF POP, you can expect this show to be filled. to the bloody brim.


oh and guess what? to make it more exclusive, the damn show will show for only 2 weeks. 14.damn.days. starting on 28 October.

of which, every single day i will be in bleeding Australia, slogging my life away in bloody Rockhampton. for.all.14.bloody.days.

fuck my life!!!!!

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