a dream

the dream of all dreams.

it was so surreal, so vivid. almost like it was happening in real time. she was in the dream, and i could almost about every single damn thing in the dream. time, place, events, everything. it’s like finally getting something you’ve wanted for a long long time, so prized and treasured. i almost wanted it to never end, to stay in my sleep and in that dream for-fucking-evar. if you gave me a choice, i’ll probably take it and sleep forever.

cruelly, the alarm on my phone goes off (why in the name of flying fuck did i set it to 7 fucking AM?!?!?!!), brutally eliminating my presence in my godly dream and pulling me back to reality, where the are shackles locked and connected to the invisible iron-ball. i wake up in a mix of euphoria and depression (more of the latter).

God is obviously mindfucking me, dammit!

i leave the house with despair in my trails, to waste a day at bloody battalion cohesion.

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