i hope i crash into a kangaroo


i’ve been indulging in Pac-Man for quite a bit cos right now i’m honestly so damn free i don’t have a clue what i should do. i leave for australia next monday, so we’re clearing some off days right now and so i suddenly have a lot of free time, a far cry from the usual work life in the battalion.

so i realise i’ve neglected this blog for quite a bit. boh pian leh, i’ve been really busy since forever. and it’s not like the work is constant. sometimes i’m really free, then the big giant arrow comes den the work follows.

recently i’ve stopped clubbing. really. i can’t remember the last time i stepped into a club. (okay i do, it was at st. james but i was there only till about 1am and i headed off to a chalet after that)

unfortunately, the cigarettes are still lying around. heh.

i’ve also passed my TP and have a burning desire to buy a car. i’ve also done my Level 1 rock climbing certification so i’ll wait till after Wallaby until i come back and clear my Level 2.

XWB is really the bomb. after it i’ll be ready to ORD lo! yes, there’s still Ops B and CTC and AIOC, but really my impt task to clear is just to finish XWB and do it good. once it’s over, i shall transit into i-dont-really-care-about-anything mode.

and SCM is creeping by. i obviously haven’t done much training.

i hereby declare this blog alive!

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