2-2 send

i just bought the DS Trainer. at RL. it was abt $200. =/ i could have gotten it way cheaper at queensway, but the salesgirl was quite cute so i decided what the hell. went for a run in them and it felt like i was running on pillows. lol.

and i realised flying for australia will make me miss NB Real Run and Nike Human Race. grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!1111!!

on a similar note i have 81 days to running my first full marathon. i am so fucked, lol. like eugene said, i’d prob have to do it the forest gump way. run forest run!

i hereby pledge that once i’m out of camp, i shall reject all calls and ignore all smses by anyone of my colleagues, top down from Oreo Cookie (go figure) and all. don’t disturb me while i’m having out-of-camp time can?!

this post is really random but i’ve really got nothing to post about. life is boring, im going to ORD hohoho!

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