Once in a while

so it’s been quite a while since i’ve blogged.

life in camp as a PC is really hectic. so any things to do, so many things that you’re in charge of (and hence, answerable for). esp when we’re moving out for missions. i’m always under the impression that i’m over-tasked. so it doesn’t come as a surprise that i welcome my book-outs with arms wide open (i mean, who doesn’t?).

so every weekend i go out and play, have some time for myself to train, and really enjoy the feeling of not being weighed down by internal issues and stuff that needs to be done. that feeling of liberation (albeit temporary) that comes every fri/sat is really priceless.. yet when sunday morning arrives i know all good things come to an end. by sunday night i’m zombified. let’s not go to monday mornings.

yet once again i sometimes really enjoy life as a PC, esp in 1 Guards. sometimes life doesn’t seem very good when its 0600hrs and you’re in the jungle, hemlet on, rifle on, camo on and it’s bloody raining cats and dogs and you can barely see shit. and it also doesn’t really help when you’ve been walking for the past 5 hours and now you’re moving in for the break-in battle and you’ve got the entire bloody battalion waiting for you behind. but when it’s over, i look back and i’d probably say i’d wanna do it again.

so at times i think being in camp, or rather, a PC in 1 Guards is quite confusing. kinda like a love/hate relationship. sometimes i think if i don’t sign on now i’ll regret it at some point of time if my life. i’d probably look back and say i’d rather be in the jungle with green paint on my face den in an air-conditioned office.



Well, gotta know the enemy, wah hey!

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