How can anyone be so hot? It doesn’t seem to make any sense. Anyway I know for a fact Korean girls aren’t so hot in real life. (those legs….)

I’ve been to Kangaroo Land and back, and following that the Land of Kimchi and back. With serving the country, I think I can say my time’s almost up with the worst already over. (I swear not to touch any camo cream for some time now) I’m probably spending whatever time I have left back as SAFTI ( Home Sweet Home) for deployment and CTC/AIOC.

I’m also sitting out from SCM this year, cause foot-rot is killing me. And I refuse to do a 6-7hr marathon. It just doesn’t make any sense.

I’ve signed up for Safra’s adventure race next year in Jan, and looking for the equip is honestly a pain in the ass. Why can’t they just provide the option of providing us with everything? Or why can’t I just be rich enough to buy a set of everything for myself?

But I’m quite looking forward to the race. Heh.

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Rain rain

when I came over to Australia, the brief told us the dude has been to Ex. Wallby 10 times, out of which it only rained once.

Right now it’s raining here.


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greetings from Australia!

right now i’m in a tentage somewhere 3 hrs by wheels from rochamphaton, , in this hell hole they call Polygon. no proper sewage, not proper bunks, no nothing. ive been here for 3 days alr. the days are as hot as hell and the nights are as cold as hell as well. the sand here comes free and blows all over the place when the cold wind blows. to demostrate this, i was covered all over in sand after a 2 hr tonner ride. i would have made the sand man dude from Spiderman movie look like a fool. the terrain is messed up as well, open but full of obstacles.

overall life is good. as least i still can access the internet. nevermind that i have to walk 500m to the terminals, which are as slow as snails and the monitor resolutions are fucked up. i can’t even see what i’m typing right now, so forgive me if the spelling is fucked.

but i have internet! so life is good.

good bye.

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all that avails is flight

it’s already sat night and my flight for Australia leaves early mon morning. how did the week just fly by so fast?!!

anyway, i’ve re-done the blog a bit to clean it up. and in the process of doing so i accidentally deleted the widget that holds the links to other people and i simply cannot be bothered to go re-do the whole damn thing again. hence the lack of links on the right. pls leave behind your web link so i can do some shite to make it right.

anyway, the legendary KING OF POP apparently has this movie for him (even as he’s dead) called THIS IS IT. and given the hype about MJ and the fact that he’s the fucking KING OF POP, you can expect this show to be filled. to the bloody brim.


oh and guess what? to make it more exclusive, the damn show will show for only 2 weeks. 14.damn.days. starting on 28 October.

of which, every single day i will be in bleeding Australia, slogging my life away in bloody Rockhampton. for.all.14.bloody.days.

fuck my life!!!!!

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a dream

the dream of all dreams.

it was so surreal, so vivid. almost like it was happening in real time. she was in the dream, and i could almost about every single damn thing in the dream. time, place, events, everything. it’s like finally getting something you’ve wanted for a long long time, so prized and treasured. i almost wanted it to never end, to stay in my sleep and in that dream for-fucking-evar. if you gave me a choice, i’ll probably take it and sleep forever.

cruelly, the alarm on my phone goes off (why in the name of flying fuck did i set it to 7 fucking AM?!?!?!!), brutally eliminating my presence in my godly dream and pulling me back to reality, where the are shackles locked and connected to the invisible iron-ball. i wake up in a mix of euphoria and depression (more of the latter).

God is obviously mindfucking me, dammit!

i leave the house with despair in my trails, to waste a day at bloody battalion cohesion.

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Dear God

and someone stop those god-damn spam links!

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i hope i crash into a kangaroo


i’ve been indulging in Pac-Man for quite a bit cos right now i’m honestly so damn free i don’t have a clue what i should do. i leave for australia next monday, so we’re clearing some off days right now and so i suddenly have a lot of free time, a far cry from the usual work life in the battalion.

so i realise i’ve neglected this blog for quite a bit. boh pian leh, i’ve been really busy since forever. and it’s not like the work is constant. sometimes i’m really free, then the big giant arrow comes den the work follows.

recently i’ve stopped clubbing. really. i can’t remember the last time i stepped into a club. (okay i do, it was at st. james but i was there only till about 1am and i headed off to a chalet after that)

unfortunately, the cigarettes are still lying around. heh.

i’ve also passed my TP and have a burning desire to buy a car. i’ve also done my Level 1 rock climbing certification so i’ll wait till after Wallaby until i come back and clear my Level 2.

XWB is really the bomb. after it i’ll be ready to ORD lo! yes, there’s still Ops B and CTC and AIOC, but really my impt task to clear is just to finish XWB and do it good. once it’s over, i shall transit into i-dont-really-care-about-anything mode.

and SCM is creeping by. i obviously haven’t done much training.

i hereby declare this blog alive!

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2-2 send

i just bought the DS Trainer. at RL. it was abt $200. =/ i could have gotten it way cheaper at queensway, but the salesgirl was quite cute so i decided what the hell. went for a run in them and it felt like i was running on pillows. lol.

and i realised flying for australia will make me miss NB Real Run and Nike Human Race. grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!1111!!

on a similar note i have 81 days to running my first full marathon. i am so fucked, lol. like eugene said, i’d prob have to do it the forest gump way. run forest run!

i hereby pledge that once i’m out of camp, i shall reject all calls and ignore all smses by anyone of my colleagues, top down from Oreo Cookie (go figure) and all. don’t disturb me while i’m having out-of-camp time can?!

this post is really random but i’ve really got nothing to post about. life is boring, im going to ORD hohoho!

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Rain NUS

Runus was cancelled cos of rain. Bummer!!!

but stayover at NTU was interesting thou. lol.

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Once in a while

so it’s been quite a while since i’ve blogged.

life in camp as a PC is really hectic. so any things to do, so many things that you’re in charge of (and hence, answerable for). esp when we’re moving out for missions. i’m always under the impression that i’m over-tasked. so it doesn’t come as a surprise that i welcome my book-outs with arms wide open (i mean, who doesn’t?).

so every weekend i go out and play, have some time for myself to train, and really enjoy the feeling of not being weighed down by internal issues and stuff that needs to be done. that feeling of liberation (albeit temporary) that comes every fri/sat is really priceless.. yet when sunday morning arrives i know all good things come to an end. by sunday night i’m zombified. let’s not go to monday mornings.

yet once again i sometimes really enjoy life as a PC, esp in 1 Guards. sometimes life doesn’t seem very good when its 0600hrs and you’re in the jungle, hemlet on, rifle on, camo on and it’s bloody raining cats and dogs and you can barely see shit. and it also doesn’t really help when you’ve been walking for the past 5 hours and now you’re moving in for the break-in battle and you’ve got the entire bloody battalion waiting for you behind. but when it’s over, i look back and i’d probably say i’d wanna do it again.

so at times i think being in camp, or rather, a PC in 1 Guards is quite confusing. kinda like a love/hate relationship. sometimes i think if i don’t sign on now i’ll regret it at some point of time if my life. i’d probably look back and say i’d rather be in the jungle with green paint on my face den in an air-conditioned office.



Well, gotta know the enemy, wah hey!

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